I have been a Freelance Photographer for 12 years, based in New York City, and I am talented in various genres of photography. People often ask me, what genre of photography that I like the most, or better at, and this question has never been easy to answer. I consider myself multi-talented in photography, and I can handle all sorts of assignments. I also have (both, digital DSLR and film) cameras, including lenses for all kinds of assignments.

From the various genres of photography that I embrace, I am quite passionate about Wedding Photography. I love the ambiance, the intimacy, the atmospheres, along with the anticipations of just about anything, as things unfold. The most poignant moments for me in weddings are the ceremonies, which is when particular attention is paid to certain catchy moments during the exchanges of vows. I have shot weddings of people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. Most importantly, my clients have always been satisfied and happy upon receiving their photo albums.

Wedding photography is a whole lot of fun, yet complex. It forces a Photographer to get out of his / her usual, casual photography routines, and indulge into the depths of creativity. Most importantly, there's no room for error, as you must know what you're doing, in terms of handling your photography equipment, as well as, capturing key moments. Wedding photography is a one-shot-deal, and there's no do-over, but with experience and expertise, stress is kept at a minimum. I normally photograph weddings, with up to three cameras, two at work, especially during the ceremony, one as a backup. I often have an Assistant Photographer to shoot side-by-side with, particularly during the ceremony. I do prefer the journalistic-style approach in wedding photography, in capturing as much as possible, from the beginning to the end. 

Throughout my photography profession over the past 12 years, as of January 2016, I have photographed approximately 150 events, such as, graduations, reunions, baptisms, engagements, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, headshots, newborns, couples, families, fashion, boudoir, and so on...

When viewing my wedding albums under the WEDDINGS tab from a desktop computer, point to WEDDINGS, as the cursor automatically hovers over and sub-pages appear, as albums. From cellphones or other gadgets, the procedure might be different. Each album contains about 50-60 shots, and they range from actual weddings to wedding anniversaries. Keep in mind that I normally snap hundreds of shots in one wedding, so I have only selected a handful for these albums. Each wedding is completely different, and each couple wants different things. Some are two-day weddings, in two parts. In few cases, I had been hired to photograph only the wedding receptions or festivities, as some couples had their ceremonies privately done in advance.   
The wedding albums do not provide slideshows, as you must go through each shot, one by one. My fees or rates are listed through the CONTACT tab. For bookings, questions, or inquiries, you may contact me through the email below, or through the CONTACT tab: figaroimages@gmail.com.

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